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Smile Country Circus

Smile Country - Circus, circus entertainment at its best!

Smile Country Circus is a circus school and circus program in Lahti and Heinola. Smile Country Circus is a diverse hobby for girls and boys. The child's recommended age is from 5 years. All circus classes go through the circus school.

Here are some examples of acrobatics (such as power, elasticity, pair and group acrobatics), juggling with different instruments (balls, bowls, rings, etc.), dances (classic dances and contemporary dance). Also, cognitive skills are part of the circus, so the teaching also includes the practice of pantomime, clown and plotter skills.

Our students have participated in various events in Finland, among others. art and circus festivals. However, the most important of all were performances in Circus Finlandia. We have been in Lahti and Heinola for a couple of years.

The program has been made from world-famous Soviet circus arts traditions. Program numbers show a variety of circus arts. The presentation include cute little clowns that will ensure an unforgettable fun experience, also for the youngest viewers.